Participate in clinical trials in the new year, group of diverse people

Participate in Clinical Trials in the New Year

Every person’s body is different, and other variances like age and gender play a significant role in responding to and processing treatments. In addition, many medical conditions remain without a specific therapy to ease the symptoms for those diagnosed. Scientists and researchers work to develop options to fill these gaps. The new potential opportunities are …

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Flu vs. COVID-19: What You Need to Know

We’ve all seen the responses in social and mainstream media that tout, “COVID-19 is just like the flu.” Health officials have a different view. It’s true; the numbers showed that the flu was much more prevalent and dangerous in the beginning. But just shy of a year later, the devastation left by the virus surpassed …

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Diversity in Clinical Trials

Diversity in clinical trials has never been more critical than right now. Diverse populations continue to be misrepresented in studies. All people can react differently to treatments and drugs, making it imperative that diversity be present. Unfortunately, barriers exist that contribute to the lack of participation. These can range from lack of confidence in medical …

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Pediatric Research

Pediatric Research: Essential to Improving Treatment Options

Pediatricians focus on the health of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults from birth to 21 years. They address their physical, social, and emotional needs by focusing on preventing, detecting, and managing conditions that affect children. Pediatricians work to reduce infant and child mortality, foster healthy lifestyles, and ease the day-to-day difficulties of those with …

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COPD Awareness month, Older woman, pink ribbon

COPD Awareness

An estimated 15.3 million Americans have COPD, with many more out there undiagnosed, not knowing they have it. COPD can be challenging to deal with, but with early intervention and treatment, your quality of life can be improved, and ultimately, you breathe better. That is the message for this year’s COPD Awareness month this November …

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Kids in research, child with dr coat and chart

Kids in Research

Clinical research studies are the mechanism that determines if promising new treatments and detection methods are safe and effective. Since every individual’s body works differently, it’s essential to include different races, genders, ages, and ethnic groups in these studies. When it comes to kids participating in research, there’s a lot of hesitation, but it doesn’t …

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Kids and Diabetes

Diabetes has two main types; type 1 (T1D) and type 2 (T2D). Having diabetes means your body’s insulin function is broken. Glucose or sugar is an energy that comes from the liver and what we eat. For sugar to be converted into energy, the hormone insulin (made by the pancreas) helps move it into the …

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The FICR Difference

At the Florida Institute for Clinical Research (FICR), we are proud to be Orlando’s premier clinical research facility. This prestigious designation isn’t something we take lightly. Our state-of-the-art facility, world-class staff, and our experience with over a thousand clinical trials speaks for itself. Come and take a walk with us and experience the FICR difference …

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Cholesterol is a type of fat your body makes. Cholesterol can also come from the food you eat. As with so many things (shakes fists), too much cholesterol is not such a great thing. If not controlled, hyperlipidemia can cause heart disease. Hyperlipidemia shows no symptoms but is treatable and preventable when you know your …

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5 Things to Do During Quarantine

Captain’s log, stardate 2020. The natives are restless, you can’t keep food in the house, and your life has become a revolving door of routine mundaneness. Sound familiar? COVID-19 has many of us in day 2,356 of quarantine and resembles something out of “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.” However, none of us want to end up …

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