Virtual Studies: Clinical Trials in a COVID-19 World

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has changed the way of life for the world at large. Between working from home and wearing masks in public, everyone has been affected by it. As a result, we have all accommodated the new restrictions put in place for the safety of ourselves and others. Clinical trials also felt the impact, with many of them on pause. Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) have pivoted their normal study routines and have developed processes to work remotely with clinical trial participants in a virtual setting during COVID-19.

Benefits of Virtual Clinical Trials

Technology makes it easy for sites to provide participants critical study information without the need to be present at the site location. Virtual studies have been proven to be mutually beneficial for both CROs and study participants in the following ways:

  • Cost effective
  • Greater flexibility
  • Increase in diversity of subjects
  • Increase in number of participants
  • Improved communication between site staff and patients
  • Less time commitment
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The Virtual Study Experts

The Florida Institute for Clinical Research (FICR) has incorporated virtual clinical trial technologies to ensure a safe study environment for all sponsors, CROs and participants. Virtual clinical trials will not be going away anytime soon. Adapting to a virtual clinical trial environment has provided our partners with more accurate information and faster results. Data collection tools such as eSOURCE, eDOCS, and CTMS have streamlined the process for CROs and sponsors to virtually collect study information and patient records.

For more information regarding our virtual trial capabilities or if you are interested in partnering with FICR, please email our research director, Maria Lopez  or fill out our online form.


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