Are Clinical Trials Safe?

Are Clinical Trials Safe Florida Institute for Clinical Research Clinical Trials Florida Research Facility

Safe Clinical Trials in Orlando, Florida

The number one question we receive from participants concerns the safety of our trials. All studies have risks and benefits which the study staff will go over with you. Our Principal Investigator, Humberto Cruz, D.O., supervises every single participant involved in our trial. You will receive a study-related physical and blood work before the trial begins. We monitor you from beginning to end.

At The Florida Institute for Clinical Research, we take additional steps to make clinical trials safe. If you experience any adverse reactions, we may immediately stop administering the current investigational drug or procedure. If you participate in one of our clinical trials, you have the ability to ask questions or leave the study at any time if you feel uncomfortable. Your participation is completely voluntary. 

We understand the importance of your privacy. Your personal information will remain confidential.

Experience You Can Trust to Keep Clinical Trials Safe

After years of conducting clinical trials, our research staff has the experience to conduct research and answer any questions you may have.

Because the government requires pharmaceutical companies to conduct continuing research, many of the medications and procedures used in our clinical trials are already readily available on the market today. You may already take the medication we are testing.

If you have any more questions, simply contact us or speak with one of our friendly team members on the phone by calling 407-658-0966.