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You have the opportunity to help create better medications and procedures. Your participation in our clinical studies may make a difference in lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals across the globe.

While participating in our studies, The Florida Institute for Clinical Research monitors your safety. You will have regular visits with our study staff. We monitor your progress and if any adverse reaction occurs, we might stop administering study drugs or procedures. Find out more about the safety precautions we take. Or if you have questions, our research staff can help answer all of your questions. Simply contact us.

Clinical studies help research the safety and effectiveness of existing and investigational medications and treatments. Testing for these medications and treatments is done in these four phases:

Phase 1

The first phase tests the safety of the investigational drug and determines how much medication should be given.

Phase 2

Next, the investigational drug must be tested for side effects and its efficacy.

Phase 3

After it is tested for side effects, the investigational medicine is tested in a larger group to see if it works well and if it is safe for large groups.

Review & Approval

Once the investigational medication is tested in a large group, the findings are reviewed and approved for sale in pharmacies.

Phase 4

Finally, the investigational medication is studied to collect more information and ongoing research. At this point, it is already available on the market and can be prescribed by doctors.


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