Pediatric Research: Creating Hope and Improving Healthcare

A lot of progress has been made when it comes to children’s healthcare through clinical research studies. Illnesses specific to children, vaccines, and cancer therapies are some of the advancements children’s research has made in recent years. However, many more children are waiting to benefit from additional research. Regarding creating hope and improving the health of our youngest patients, pediatric research studies are the answer.  

Why is Pediatric Research Important?

Children aren’t smaller versions of adults. Their developing brains and physiological differences are factors that can make them process medications differently from adults. Given this, children often undergo therapies that have only been tested on adults. The only way safer options become available is for pediatric research to continue.

Clinical research studies evaluate the safety and effectiveness of potential new therapies in the human body. These therapies may be a new medication or a new way to approach treatment like counseling or surgical technique. Through the data gathered during the research phases, we can find improved ways to treat, prevent, and diagnose various medical conditions.

Should Your Child Participate in Research?

If your child can participate in research studies, every researcher would say yes to this question. However, we understand that research studies may not be for some people. Each study has criteria that state who would be the best fit to participate. Those interested that meet the requirements go through the informed consent process. For children volunteers, their parents, the staff review the purpose of the study, how many visits, what therapy is under evaluation, and what potential benefits and risks are present.

In order for each family to make an informed decision, they must have an answer to all their questions and be aware of all information,. Participating in clinical trials is 100% voluntary, and you can stop their enrollment at any time. The team here at The Florida Institute for Clinical Research understands the questions parents may have regarding pediatric studies.

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To talk with a team member regarding the clinical research process, call (407) 658-0966. You can also view our participant page or click here to learn more about currently enrolling pediatric diabetes studies.


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