Pediatric Research: Essential to Improving Treatment Options

Pediatricians focus on the health of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults from birth to 21 years. They address their physical, social, and emotional needs by focusing on preventing, detecting, and managing conditions that affect children. Pediatricians work to reduce infant and child mortality, foster healthy lifestyles, and ease the day-to-day difficulties of those with chronic conditions. A pediatricians’ role in a child’s life is critical. However, through pediatric research, better ways to treat children and adolescents can be found.

Why Pediatric Research is Necessary

Kids aren’t “small adults.” Their bodies function differently than their parents and process treatments uniquely in each stage of growth. Without specific pediatric formulations for medications and other therapies, children face risks such as overdosing and toxicity based on taking information from adult studies.

Another important point is that there are medical conditions that mainly affect children, and many remain without specific ways to treat them. Scarlet fever was once deadly to children but is now easily treated thanks to research studies and their volunteers.

Research studies receive oversight by the FDA who strictly regulates and monitors from discovery to market. Every study participant’s ethical and safe treatment is a priority, and research staff must be trained on and abide by GCP principles, which is another safeguard for volunteers.

FICR’s Promise for Children in Research

Here at Florida Institute for Clinical Research, our mission is to better the healthcare industry by improving the lives of children and adults around the world. Our dreams become a reality by conducting research studies that help develop and discover new investigational medication, procedures, and treatments.

FICR utilizes board-certified physicians and certified medical staff, along with high oversite from our physicians, to ensure all our participants’ safety. Our co-founder, family medicine physician, and Principal Investigator, Dr. Humberto Cruz, D.O., has been conducting clinical trials in the United States since 2009. With the experience of over 1000 clinical trials under their belt, Dr. Cruz and his team are a top choice for pediatric studies.

We are currently seeking volunteers for our pediatric type 1 and type 2 diabetes studies that are enrolling. We understand this is a unique decision for your family, and you may have questions. To learn more about our pediatric diabetes studies, you can speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Call us at (407) 658-0966, or visit our website for more information.


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