FICR: An Experienced Rescue Site

If you’re a sponsor or CRO, adding additional site locations can beef up efforts when a trial is struggling to meet enrollment targets. If you are behind and need to ramp up recruitment efforts, choosing the right rescue site is extremely important. Keep reading to learn more about the Florida Institute for Clinical Research (FICR) and how our team of experienced investigators and staff can help rescue your study and meet your trial goals.

How We Can Help

Florida Institute for Clinical Research proudly delivers the most precise clinical trial assessments in a timely, well-executed manner. Our state-of-the-art facility, experienced investigators, and cutting-edge capabilities set us apart from other sites. Our rescue site features:

  • Four board-certified physician-investigators and sub-investigators
  • Certified Diagnostic Laboratory with Phlebotomy and on-site processing
  • Regulatory Department that upholds a 3-5 day turnaround
  • A robust database of participants to improve enrollment
  • Clinical Research Coordinators trained for quality assurance and Electronic Data Capture and certified by CITI and ACRP

Stalled Trial Experts

Partner with Orlando's leading clinical research facility

Even before the pandemic, 80% of trials failed to meet enrollment timelines, and 50% of sites only enrolled one or no patients. If your recent assessment shows your trial is at risk of falling behind, it’s time to act. Through extensive experience and flexible solutions, we are equipped to work seamlessly with your organization to identify and resolve trial issues and help you achieve those important milestones and goals. Call us today for rescue site services at (407) 658-0966 or submit a request through our online form.


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