Diabetes Type 2 – How Clinical Research Makes a Difference

For those that have Type 2 Diabetes, there are numerous treatment options available today to help manage and control blood sugars.  As with all medications, scientists have worked to find new, innovative treatment options that will improve the lives of those living with Type 2 Diabetes.  But there is really only one way to know if a new potential treatment works and that is to test it in clinical trials. 

Clinical trials provide an opportunity for scientists and doctors to assess the safety, tolerability, and effectiveness of new medications and treatments.  While many new potential treatments fail in clinical trials, many have proven to provide a greater benefit and help medical science get closer to finding a cure for complex diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes.

Florida Institute for Clinical Research (FICR) is dedicated to leading the search for new Type 2 Diabetes treatments and the doctors and staff at FICR work tirelessly to conduct clinical trials that will lead us to new, advanced treatments.

There is one universal truth that has perhaps the most profound effect on clinical research success… study volunteers are the lifeblood of clinical trials and without volunteers, advancements in Type 2 Diabetes would not be possible.

Participation in a clinical trial is often misunderstood as most people tend to believe that it is high risk with little reward.  We would like to offer a different paradigm.  Those that participate in clinical trials are often seen by some of the most experienced and passionate doctors.  Participants also receive extensive diagnostic testing, close medical monitoring, education about management of their condition, and in some cases, access to potential new treatments before they are on the market.  Additionally, volunteering means that you are contributing to the advancement of medical science and helping all patients that suffer from the challenging symptoms and daily management that Type 2 Diabetes requires. 

Volunteers in clinical trials also receive compensation for their time and expenses required for participation, in most cases.

The doctors and staff at FICR would love the opportunity to show you how a clinical research study might be a great option for you.  As we all look to better treat Type 2 Diabetes, FICR will provide the care and compassion that you deserve and work to ensure that your experience is rewarding.

Call FICR today at 407-658-0966 to learn more about enrolling studies for Type 2 Diabetes.  Our caring staff will answer any questions that you may have to help you decide if participating in a study is right for you.

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