5 Things to Do During Quarantine

Captain’s log, stardate 2020. The natives are restless, you can’t keep food in the house, and your life has become a revolving door of routine mundaneness. Sound familiar? COVID-19 has many of us in day 2,356 of quarantine and resembles something out of “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.” However, none of us want to end up like the Griswold’s complete with shriveled up turkey, and a loose squirrel in the house, so don’t fret. We’ve put together 5 things to do during the quarantine.

Get Off Your Butt

I know, I know, but bear with me. We put this one first so we can get it out of the way. Keeping active doesn’t hurt, and we’re not talking about going all out here. Finding ways to get moving that you’ll want to stick with, is key. Gardening, having a dance party, taking a family walk, making a homemade obstacle course, or checking out some free exercise videos, are some examples. Try and do it a few times a week and mix it up to keep it interesting. You will feel better, we promise.

Zoom with Loved Ones

Set a regular time each week to connect by video conference with family and loved ones. It can be a mental health check-in, virtual game night, book of the month club, or just hang. It can literally be anything, get creative, and stay connected.


Star Gazing, Starry Night, Astronomy

Turn off all the porch lights, pull out the lawn chairs and blankets, and turn your eyes to the sky. Learn about constellations, spot a shooting star, or check out one of the monthly happenings from the Calendar of Celestial Events. If you sit very still, you may also be able to catch one of the almost 3,000 satellites orbiting the Earth!

Have Fun with Food

The sourdough phenomenon has swept social media off its feet, with countless people hopping on the bandwagon to try their hand at making it. The tedious process is perfect for quarantine, but there are so many other ways to have fun with food. Perfect that sugar cookie recipe, have a night where everyone cooks together, try making something from scratch, or make homemade animal treats. If you’re not a cook, or tired of cooking, order curbside from your favorite place, or try somewhere new.

Volunteering and Clinical Research Studies

To continue advancing medicine, volunteers participating in clinical trials is essential. You can see proof of this during this pandemic. Thanks to fast-tracking from the FDA, diligent researchers, and volunteers participating in COVID-19 trials, specific FDA approved therapies and vaccines are within our grasp. Additionally, doing something for others has a positive impact on mental health. It makes you feel good, and this is something in short supply these days.

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